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Item # 3341
Pages: 264
Type: Hardcover
Publication Date: 2010

By John Nyaradi       
Price: $49.95   Discount Price: $34.95


(From The Jacket) - Trading in today's markets can be profitable, but in order to achieve success, you need to know where to look. Opportunities are currently available in many different sectors around the world - all you need to do is find them and put your money to work.

Nobody understands how to do this better than John Nyaradi - Publisher of Wall Street Sector Selector - and now, with "Super Sectors", he reveals how you can avoid bear markets and prosper during bull markets by deploying sector rotation techniques using exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Whether you're an aspiring trader or seasoned pro, this book has what you need to succeed in the years ahead. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, it skillfully details a proven approach to identifying the hottest sectors in the world and investing in them using ETFs - all while minimizing potential risks. Along the way, Nyaradi examines how to best analyze these different sectors, such as technology, energy, and health care, and profit from the opportunities they present.

Divided into six comprehensive parts, this reliable resource:

  • Provides valuable insights into the features and benefits of various ETFs and why they're a great choice for today's active markets
  • Highlights sector trading strategies and how this style of active portfolio management can be one of the most successful you'll find
  • Discusses different types of trading systems - from the simplest for people who don't want to make trading a "job" to the most complex for professionals who constantly monitor the markets
  • Identifies five "super sectors" that will likely outperform the market due to an approaching tsunami of societal and financial change
  • Interviews well-known experts in the fields of investing, technical trading, economics, and various market sectors, who share their views about what lies ahead for investors

The "buy-and-hold" strategy of yesterday won't work in today's investment environment. "Super Sectors" will show you what can work, and how you can successfully implement this approach into your everyday investment endeavors.


Part 1: The Wall Street Fairy Tales And Why The Conventional Wisdom Is Flawed

  • Chapter 1 - The Bear Facts About Bear Markets
  • Chapter 2 - The Fairy Tale Of Buy And Hold
  • Chapter 3 - Four More Wall Street Fairy Tales: Conventional Wisdom That Could Cost You Money

Part 2: Why Exchange Traded Funds?

  • Chapter 4 - History And Growth Of Exchange Traded Funds
  • Chapter 5 - Types Of Exchange Traded Funds

Part 3: Sector Rotation: What It Is And Why It Works

  • Chapter 6 - Sector Rotation - The Traditional View
  • Chapter 7 - The New Science Of Sector Rotation

Part 4: Trading Systems Designed To Outperform The Indexes

  • Chapter 8 - Almost Like Buy And Hold
  • Chapter 9 - The Simple Trading System
  • Chapter 10 - The Golden Crossover Trading System

Part 5: The Sector Scoring System: Trading Concepts, Challenges And Conundrums

  • Chapter 11 - The Five Signals For Entering A Trade
  • Chapter 12 - Scoring Your Trades
  • Chapter 13 - Getting Out Is Harder Than Getting In
  • Chapter 14 - The Psychology Of Trading

Part 6: Super Sectors: Five "Super Sectors" That Could Change Your Life

  • Chapter 15 - Super Sector No. 1: The Rise Of Asia
  • Chapter 16 - Super Sector No. 2: Energy
  • Chapter 17 - Super Sector No. 3: Health Care
  • Chapter 18 - Super Sector No. 4: Technology
  • Chapter 19 - Super Sector No. 5: Financials
  • Chapter 20 - How Can You Participate?
  • Chapter 21 - Conclusion

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